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2018 Leo Horoscope

Leo 2018 Wealth Horoscope as per your 2018 Wealth Horoscope, dear Leo, there would be a rise in your income this year. Besides this, there could be unexpected gains and profits in business too. However, your expenses will rise so much that they will become a point of concern. The best period for making money will arrive after the month of September.

Leo 2018 Horoscope career chances of a trip abroad are low for Leo natives, except for the period between March and April. If you take up any journeys during this period, outcome would be average. Most likely, you would plan to go aboard for business reasons or property matters. Leo, you would be under the surveillance of the boss so work efficiently. Your boss may have quite a disciplined approach so work hard and fulfill your commitments. He wants you to be more productive and may give you targets too so gear up to get your hands dirty.

Leo 2018 Love and Relationship Horoscope you want a lot of sympathy and compassion from your partner, someone who is polite and subtle, romantic and passionate. And after September, all these needs and expectations would reach the peak level. The most suitable signs for you are Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aries.

Leo Health Horoscope 2018 Physical health would be in good shape but mentally, you may have to struggle. There could be some anguish or irritation until mid September. The period after that seems blissful. Your energy would be low during some specific periods such as mid January to mid February, mid March to mid April, and mid July to mid August. Fever and headaches could persist so be careful.

Mistakes that you should avoid making in 2018 don’t try to manipulate, as people will be able to read between the lines. It would be in your best interest this year to play straight. Don’t be overly optimistic either. While there is always light at the end of a tunnel, it could be another train too so don’t always expect situations to turn around in your favor.

What problems & obstacles you could face in 2018? 2018 may bring some issues with the boss, which may not be good for your career. Your relationship with partner may also suffer. In fact, there could be a break-up or long gap between you two, may be psychological due to a misunderstanding. Try to work things out in time so as to avoid such a situation.

What travel plans are in store for you in 2018? Leo, a short trip with family to a religious place close by is there on the horizon as the year begins. But thankfully, it won’t leave a hole in your wallet as you are likely to spend wisely. A short business trip may also take place but it wouldn’t be as rewarding as expected so plan accordingly.

What would be the changes in your life in 2018? Leo: During August and September, your health state would change for the better. After September, a pleasant surprise awaits you. You might tie the knot this year as strong marriage prospects exist in your horoscope thereafter.

What would be your biggest achievement in 2018? Leo: Your relationship with boss and life partner may suffer in 2018. If you do not try to sort out the misunderstandings with partner, distance between you two could widen both on a psychological as well as geographical level. more at http://www.vedshastra.com/leo-2018-horoscope/