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2018 Pisces Horoscope

Pisces 2018 Wealth Horoscope: Dear Pisces, the year 2018 brings few really positive changes in your finances. If you are employed, your salary will most likely rise this year, especially before the month of September. Or there will be a rise in income from any other source. It is possible that some of you will be presented with a new, exciting job offer this year.

Pisces 2018 Horoscope career: Pisces, it would be favorable for you to not plan a journey abroad in 2018.  You are likely to get gains from foreign sources, land and people but you don’t need to follow them, let them come to you. This would help in business expansion and bring overall improvement, as luck is on your side. How your boss will treat you in 2018? 2018 Career Predictions Pisces: While your boss may frequently taunt you and try to dominate over, they may also reward you with favors if your performance meets their expectations. Try to give your best shot and understand your duties well.

Pisces 2018 Love and Relationship Horoscope: You are looking for someone faithful, intelligent, knowledgeable and professionally successful. After September, some confusion may persist in your mind due to Rahu in 5th house. You would look to your partner for help so you are seriously in need of someone whom you can form a mental connection with.  Suitable sign are Taurus, Scorpio and Cancer.

Pisces Health Horoscope 2018: Pisces natives would feel healthy inside and out. Those suffering on the health front lately would recover. Health would mostly be satisfactory until September, but thereafter, some serious issue could occur thus do not avoid any preliminary symptoms.

Mistakes that you should avoid making in 2018 You may be too confrontational in 2018. Pisces need to avoid indulging in rivalries and arguments with people. Also, you need to stay away from any litigate or legal disputes as results may not be in your favor.

What problems & obstacles you could face in 2018? Pisces: Boss may not favor you much so you may have to put in extra efforts to make an impression. Moreover, spouse health may also cause worries. Income drop make also disturb the flow so gear up accordingly to tackle these issues.

What travel plans are in store for you in 2018? You may plan frequent trips for business or job and these would afford you ample profits. You may also go to a foreign country to do a company project and this could turn out well for your career. Stars also suggest some leisure trips with friends or coworkers in 2018.

What would be the changes in your life in 2018? Pisces: Some foreign trip might bring a change in your mindset and routine. Moreover, you might also get married in 2018. These developments would lead to a lot of positive changes.

What would be your biggest achievement in 2018? Pisces: Don’t expect to be your boss’s favorite this year. You may have to work a lot harder than before to leave your mark at work. Health of spouse may also keep you distressed in 2018. There could a slight fall in income as well, so brace yourself accordingly. more at http://www.vedshastra.com/pisces-2018-horoscope/